Corporate History

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1909 Established by the founder Shinjiro Nakajima in Mito to start the resource recycling business
1951 Incorporated as Nakajima Shoten K.K.
1952 Set up Tokyo Branch in Sotokanda, Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo
1970 Moved the factory to Higashi Ibaraki-gun, Ibaraki Prefecture (current Mito Factory)
1993 Installed the high-performance specialty crushing machine ProcessⅠin the Mito Factory
1996 Won the “Chairman’s Prize” in Award of Recycling Development Project 1995, sponsored by Clean Japan Center.
1997 Changed the Company name to Re-Tem Corporation
Transferred the Head Office function to the Tokyo Branch
Installed the high-performance fine grinding machine ProcessⅡin the Mito Factory
1998 Organized a nationwide network of industrial waste treatment companies called “J・RIC”
2000 Mito Factory was certified as “Ibaraki Prefecture Excellent Recycling Business Firm”
2001 Obtained ISO14001 certification
Start publishing the Environment Report
2002 Selected as “Tokyo Super Eco Town Business” in the resource recycle model district, encouraged by Tokyo Metropolitan Government
Implemented LCA Data Analysis business commissioned by METI, in the Mito Factory
2004 Won the “Excellent Sustainable Management Award” in the 2nd Japan Sustainable Management Awards
2005 Completed the Tokyo Factory at Jonanjima, Ota Ward (Tokyo Super Eco Town)
Obtained ISO ISMS (Information Security Management System) certification, which was converted into ISO27001 in 2006
Tokyo Factory won “The 4th Yoshinobu Ashibara Prize” sponsored by Japan Association of Artists, Craftsmen and Architects
2007 Started operation of RISM (Re-Tem Integrated System of Management)
Tokyo Factory won the “Town-Friendly category, Ota Ward Excellent Factory Awards”
Tokyo Factory won the “International Architecture Award” in Chicago Athenaeum 2007 Awards
Tokyo Factory won the “Annual Architectural Design Commendation 2007” at Architectural Institute of Japan
Tokyo Factory won “The 24th Special Citation Prize” by International Association of Lighting Designers(IALD)
Tokyo Factory won the “Award of Director-General of the Industrial Science and Technology Policy and Environment Bureau, Ministry of Economy”, and “Trade and Industry (METI) in the 4th LCA Society of Japan (JLCA) Awards”
2008 Established Lizao (Beijing) Environmental Technology & Consulting Co., Ltd. In Beijing with Waseda Environmental Institute
His Majesty the Emperor Akihito toured the Tokyo Factory
Won the “Excellence Award for the Courageous Management Grand Prix”, sponsored by the Tokyo Chambers of Commerce and Industry
Won the “Award for Promoting the Creation of Recycling-Based Society” in the Ministry of Environment Award, promoted by the 3R Promotion Forum
2009 Won the “Excellence Award for Environmental Contribution” in the 1st Chiyoda Business Grand Prix
2010 Certified as “Industrial Waste Recycling Experts” under the Third Party Evaluation System of Tokyo Metropolitan Government
Ex-prime minister, Mr. Yukio Hatoyama toured the Tokyo Factory
Completed Re-Tem China Factory in Taicang City, Siangsu Province
Mito Factory won official commendation in the Mito Area Assembly, sponsored by Ibaraki Federations Labor Standards Association
Re-Tem’s Factory in China won the “International Architecture Award” in Chicago Athenaeum 2010 Awards
The Chairman of Board Directors, Kenichi Nakajima won the title of honorary citizen of Tokyo “Technology Promotion Distinguished Service Merit” sponsored by Bureau of Industry and Labor Affairs, Tokyo Metropolitan Government
2011 Transformed the Beijing Corporation into Re-Tem (Beijing) Environmental Technology & Consulting Co., Ltd.
Obtained OHSAS18001 (Occupational Health and Safety Management System) Established Re-Tem Global Eco Management Inc. in Seattle
The Chairman of Board of Directors, Kenichi Nakajima won the “Grand Prize on Environmental Ability” sponsored by Japan Association of Environment and Society for the 21st Century (JAES21)
2012 Authorized as the “Excellent Industrial Waste Management Business Company” by Ibaraki Prefecture
Authorized as the “Excellent company of Collecting and Transporting Industrial Waste”, by Ibaraki Prefecture
Collecting and recycling tantalum capacitors line was set up in the Mito Factory
2013 Authorized as the “Excellent Company of Industrial Waste Management Business” by Bureau of Environment, Tokyo Metropolitan Government
Authorized as the “Legally certified company” based on Act on Promotion of Recycling of Small Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (Ministry of Economy and Industry, Ministry of Environment)
Won the “Rare Metal Recycling Prize” in the resource recycling technology/system award organized by Japan Environmental Management Association for Industry
2015 Tokyo Factory was authorized as the “Excellent Factory” in Ota Ward, sponsored by the Ota City Industrial Promotion Organization