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Company Name Re-Tem Corporation
(Re-Tem = Resources Technology & Management)
Representative CEO Akira Nakajima (Assumed the post as of 17 Oct. 2007)
Directors Director Tomio Yoda(Assumed the post as of 17 Oct. 2007)
Director Akio Ogawa(Assumed the post as of 24 Jun. 2012)
Director Sachiyo Nakajima(Assumed the post as of 29 Oct. 2019)
Director Yoko Urade(Assumed the post as of 29 Oct. 2019)
Director Akihiko Kikuta(Assumed the post as of 20 Oct. 2021)
Auditor Osamu Nakajima (Assumed the post as of 17 Oct. 2017)
Capital 100 million Japanese Yen
Date of Establishment 2 June, 1951
Main Banks Tsukuba Bank, Ltd., Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, Japan Policy Finance Corporation,The Shoko Chukin Bank Ltd. The Bank of Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd (In random order)
Business Area Recycling & reuse of resources
Buying & selling of raw materials of steelmaking and nonferrous precious metal materials
Dismantling, moving and collecting of construction materials and work materials Consulting on resource circulation and recycling
Resource management and Eco-center management in Eco-industrial parks, etc.
Industrial waste treatment (intermediate)
Collections and transportations of industrial wastes
Municipal solid wastes management
Certificated Specialist as Industrial Waste Manager 1 member of staff
Qualified Specialist on Environmental Protection Technology 2 members of staff (Pollution Prevention Managers)
Company Brochure Please download Company Brochure from here (As of 25 Aug. 2015)