Corporate Philosophy

Re-Tem is establishing “Eco Management Concept” overlooking “Environment”, “Economy” and “Society” from a broad perspective, to realize the sustainable society based on its experiences & know-hows for over a century, high-performance equipment, technological development capability and research capability.

Re-Tem is aiming to realize the sustainable society, under two pillars of the business, Resource Technology (Resource Recycling Technology) in terms of tangible and Management & Consulting (Environmental management consulting) in terms of intangible.

Re-tem is striving to realize Sustainable Society in both Japan and the World
Founded in the city of Mito (Ibaraki) in 1909, Re-Tem has been continuing to evolve with the times. We have been tackling the technology development to reduce the environmental burden and to expand our business. Specially, we have achieved “zero emissions” recycling process for metal composite materials, established a “resource recycling system” on a nationwide scale, and constructed the second factory in the center of Tokyo. Entering the 21st century, environmental problems are becoming increasingly important for the survival of human beings. As an expert of the environmental conservation, we at Re-Tem are developing our business globally to realize the sustainable society by utilizing the technical strength accumulated and the management capabilities.